How to Get Feedback on Your App

App developers know that without feedback, your app may present challenges to your users, and you would never even know about it. It is, therefore, essential that as a developer, you create a medium through which your app users can give you the valuable feedback that you are looking for. The following are some tips on how you can make this possible.

1. Enable Comments and Rating on the App Store

The most reliable way to know what people think of your app is through the app store, i.e. whether it is the Apple or Android store. Allow users to rate your app when they download it and write comments as well. This can be achieved by setting up subtle pop-ups in the app that users can follow to the app page on the store and either rate or comment on the app. Such types of rating and comments are honest because they will come after the user has used the app for a while and therefore, can make an informed decision about it.

2. Add a Feedback Section to the App

A new trend that you may want to try out while you develop your app or its updates is inserting a feedback button in the app. For most developers, they make this part of the live chat button if their app allows such a feature. Users will be more open to giving you feedback on your app once they visit your live chat section and raise their query with you.

3. Create a Beta Programme

Beta testing is another option that can come in handy as you try to get feedback on how your app is performing. The good thing about beta testing is that you may be lucky enough to find fellow developers who will do penetration testing for your app to ensure it performs well.